Saturday, June 2, 2007


Sophie's last night in Brasil hanging out with me, my sister Sueli and Ana Paula and Sky Bar

After spend some time with the family on my first day in Brasil I was ready to check in at Fomula hotel with Ana Paula, Vanessa Torres, Micaela Ramires, Violet Kimble, Sophie Pope, Alisson Matassi and Chris Brendsen ( the only guy allowed on the girls tour, our dear filmer).
Unfortunaly, as soon the girls got in Brasil, Alisson Nugget had problems with her visa and couldn't get in on the country that night, she had to go back to Peru on the next plan at 6am of the next day and get a new visa, but no one from Taca airlines took care of her enough to make sure that she would board in time, after so many hours traveling she got some sleep and missed the plan, so she had to be stuck by herself on the braszilian airport for 48 hours.
Out of the bet, the tour in Brasil started with a lot of tention. We tried get Alisson in Brazil in many ways, we even sent a fax to the Federal Police in Brazilia 9 where the president Lula stays) but we didn't get the help needed.
Somebody told her that she didn't need a visa, and now she was stuck on the brazilian gates. Anyways, after couple days trying to work on this situation, Sophie decieded to leave to meet with Alisson and go home.
The tour of 4 pro skt girls now had only two.
It was sad, frustrating to all of us, but still we tried to enjoy and make our best to keep the tour and events going.
Here some photos of the events and parties that happen that week. We missed heel lot of you Nugget and Sophie!

Sophie's last nite in Sao Paulo

After all the trouble with airport and all I still had to show Vanessa and Violet around and we meet up with my old friend PoisEh and went to this bar called Vegas on Rua Augusta. After that we went to a crazy after hours club called Love Story where girls don't pay for drinks and the night ended 9 in the morning.

Poiseh the host of the night at Vegas!

This is not the best place in SP to go out, but when you have no other option 4am and you want more drinks and they are free, this place can be the best in the world. Fucking funny!

Vanessa was talking with this funny girl, we don't remember her name but she was cool

Girls just wanna have fun!

Violet leaving the club at 9am! haha

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